Sphere Mastery

Mastery comes down to distinctions and the ability to adjust yourself to different levels of anointing, so when you are going up to a higher place you have the required spirit, skill, self, state and influence. The distinction is anchored on 30, 60, 100, 1000 fold revelations, you get the revelation at the 30 fold, work it out at 60, multiple its demonstration at 100 & 1000 fold.

It’s amazing to me that there can be this much similarity in the human species and yet so much distinctiveness. It shows is that if we were to do a DNA crime scene investigation now and we looked at your thumbprint or your fingerprint, everyone’s fingerprint here is a unique expression of the individual. That speaks of the nature of the creator. Two characteristics of the God you’re working with is infinite variableness, infinite originality, infinite creativity among principles, patterns and manifestations that are all similar.

Every snowflake is different and yet they are all similar. Every leaf is different, but they are all similar. Every person here is similar, or if you go to the best hospital in the world, they basically can do an operation on any one of you because underneath the skin, the heart’s going to be the same no matter where you go around the world, the internal organs, the eyes, the optics. Yet every one individual is completely unique. It reveals two characteristics of God.

Sphere mastery is a journey that encompass the human spirit, skill, self awareness, state management, influence.


Man is made up of a spirit, soul and body. The earthly coat which is perishing has a use by date (expiry date) but the soul and spirit of a man is eternal.

Your human spirit connects you to God. Your spiritual life is the foundation of your life, it holds things together, the human spirit is made up of the communion, conscious and wisdom. The river of life from the throne of grace flows through the communion parts of the spirit.


If you want to know how to walk into a room so that when you show up, the environment is affected, you need to discern the sphere that God called you to have pre-eminence in so that when you show up, your spirit dominates.
If you show up with the right spirit, it’s a spirit that’s going to liberate other people, love other people. It’s going to deal with the congestion and the collision of systems, principles, ideas and personalities that are dysfunctional and not getting results. You have authority over what doesn’t work when you’re operating in the area of your anointed.
The anointing is the supernatural ability that God has put upon your life in order to fix something that’s broken, heal something that is sick, straighten out a situation that’s crooked or smooth out something that’s rough.

You have an anointing to fix the problems on planet earth in your sphere. Think about this. You have an anointing to fix the situation, which is why it is so ludicrous from heaven’s perspective to hear God’s people on earth looking at the world get worse and use that as an argument for why Jesus is coming back. Because that hasn’t yet demonstrated Jesus even exists as a solution provider on planet earth.



Skill is ability that come from acumen and practices, its often requires training and experience to do well, and is the result of focused education. We need to know specifically what we are called to do in each phase of our life and channel focused education in that area.

For most specialized skills that can be monetized through products and services, true mastery may require putting into over 10,000 hours, this mastery is the zone of unconscious competence and it burns up the myth of people just falling in to something without creating something without skill.

Some people will say that the beatles and someone like Bill Gates just happen to be at the right place at the right time, but if you look at the story of the beatles, while other bands were looking for some hour of practices per week,  the beatles played together 7 hours per day, 6 days a week for a year, all day long they played music together, imagine the skill that they learnt together, how to start and stop songs, what moved people, the beatles put in 10,000 hours before they broke out.

The story of Bill Gates, Bill went to a high school, where his parents and other parents of the kids in his high school were rich enough to buy the only terminal access from a high school to a colleague mainframe in the US, Bill’s high school had an exclusive access to one of the US top computers, and while the colleague students push through to get a couple of hours here and there and waited on the queue to use the main frame like I did, Bill programmed consistently on the Mainframe, all  night long for several nights, he got 10,000 hour developing his skill.