Sphere Mastery

Mastery comes down to distinctions and the ability to adjust yourself to different levels of anointing, so when you are going up to a higher place you have the required spirit, skill, self, state and influence. The distinction is anchored on 30, 60, 100, 1000 fold revelations, you get the revelation at the 30 fold, work it out at 60, multiple its demonstration at 100 & 1000 fold.

It’s amazing to me that there can be this much similarity in the human species and yet so much distinctiveness. It shows is that if we were to do a DNA crime scene investigation now and we looked at your thumbprint or your fingerprint, everyone’s fingerprint here is a unique expression of the individual. That speaks of the nature of the creator. Two characteristics of the God you’re working with is infinite variableness, infinite originality, infinite creativity among principles, patterns and manifestations that are all similar.

Every snowflake is different and yet they are all similar. Every leaf is different, but they are all similar. Every person here is similar, or if you go to the best hospital in the world, they basically can do an operation on any one of you because underneath the skin, the heart’s going to be the same no matter where you go around the world, the internal organs, the eyes, the optics. Yet every one individual is completely unique. It reveals two characteristics of God.

Sphere mastery is a journey that encompass the human spirit, skill, self awareness, state management, influence.


Man is made up of a spirit, soul and body. The earthly coat which is perishing has a use by date (expiry date) but the soul and spirit of a man is eternal.

Your human spirit connects you to God. Your spiritual life is the foundation of your life, it holds things together, the human spirit is made up of the communion, conscious and wisdom. The river of life from the throne of grace flows through the communion parts of the spirit.


If you want to know how to walk into a room so that when you show up, the environment is affected, you need to discern the sphere that God called you to have pre-eminence in so that when you show up, your spirit dominates.
If you show up with the right spirit, it’s a spirit that’s going to liberate other people, love other people. It’s going to deal with the congestion and the collision of systems, principles, ideas and personalities that are dysfunctional and not getting results. You have authority over what doesn’t work when you’re operating in the area of your anointed.
The anointing is the supernatural ability that God has put upon your life in order to fix something that’s broken, heal something that is sick, straighten out a situation that’s crooked or smooth out something that’s rough.

You have an anointing to fix the problems on planet earth in your sphere. Think about this. You have an anointing to fix the situation, which is why it is so ludicrous from heaven’s perspective to hear God’s people on earth looking at the world get worse and use that as an argument for why Jesus is coming back. Because that hasn’t yet demonstrated Jesus even exists as a solution provider on planet earth.



Skill is ability that come from acumen and practices, its often requires training and experience to do well, and is the result of focused education. We need to know specifically what we are called to do in each phase of our life and channel focused education in that area.

For most specialized skills that can be monetized through products and services, true mastery may require putting into over 10,000 hours, this mastery is the zone of unconscious competence and it burns up the myth of people just falling in to something without creating something without skill.

Some people will say that the beatles and someone like Bill Gates just happen to be at the right place at the right time, but if you look at the story of the beatles, while other bands were looking for some hour of practices per week,  the beatles played together 7 hours per day, 6 days a week for a year, all day long they played music together, imagine the skill that they learnt together, how to start and stop songs, what moved people, the beatles put in 10,000 hours before they broke out.

The story of Bill Gates, Bill went to a high school, where his parents and other parents of the kids in his high school were rich enough to buy the only terminal access from a high school to a colleague mainframe in the US, Bill’s high school had an exclusive access to one of the US top computers, and while the colleague students push through to get a couple of hours here and there and waited on the queue to use the main frame like I did, Bill programmed consistently on the Mainframe, all  night long for several nights, he got 10,000 hour developing his skill.


We need to be prepared for pivotal momments of life and recognize the times and seasons God has ordained for us.

The story is told of a man who rushed into a suburban station one morning and, almost breathlessly, asked in breathless anticipation/ with bated breath asked the ticket agent: ‘When does the 8:04 train leave?”

“At 8:04,” was the answer.

“Well,” the man replied, “it is 8:02 by my watch, 8:00 by the town clock, and 8:07 by the station clock. Which time am I to go by?”

“You can go by any clock you wish,” said the agent , “but you cannot go by the 8:04 train, for it has already departed”

Time is moving forward hour by hour, minute by minute. There are multitudes who seem to think they can live by any schedule they choose and that , in their own time, they can do what they need to do.

I am reminded of an event I saw in the bible, the bible indicates that this event happened about 1400-1500 BC, a group of Israelites decided to try and possess the land of Canaan the day after God told them the opportunity had passed. They were routed by the Canaanites (Num 14:39-45). The train had already left.

The ability to understand the times gives an insight as to what to do.  Very often we try yo reap during planting season, plant during harvest, run when we should be resting  and rest when it is time to run. This will cause us to miss the train every time.

I am also reminded of a verse I saw in the old testament  “Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert (Isa 43:19)”

Notice the phrase ” spring forth”, these words mark a shift in time. Something new is about to spring forth. ” Will you not be aware of it ?” He asks. Never give up. Your shift may be closer than you think.

Also notice the word “new”, this speaks again of a shift. In the new testament, two Greek words are translated “new” even though they have different meanings. The word neos means numerically new but not different.  For instance , if you buy a brand new Sony Z smartphone, you have a new phone, but there are hundreds more just like it all over the country. It’s new but it’s not different.


The other Greek word for “new” is Kainos, which means not only numerically new but also qualitatively new.  This refers, for example, to a Sony Z# smartphone manufactured today as compared to a an older model. The newly manufactured phone will be numerically and qualitatively new because it’s diferent. Distinguishing the dynamics between these two expressions neos and Kainos  can be very important in our personal and business growth.

From time to time, lobsters have to leave theirs shells in order to grow. They need the shell to protect them from being torn apart; yet when they grow, the old shell must be abandoned. If they did not abandon it, the old shell would soon become their prison and finally their casket.

The tricky part forthe lobster is the brief period of time between when the old shell is discarded and the new one is formed. During that terribly vulnerable period, the transition must be scary to the lobster. We are not so different from lobsters. To change and grow , we must sometimes shed our shells- a structure, a framework- that we’ve depended on.



We live in a voice activated universe. The key is the sound of your voice, this is when your voice is speaking what God anointed you to say in prayer, prophecy, proclamation, petition, your unique selling proposition etc, your authorize God’s army ( angels, chariots, horses,…) to go in and open the doors of your destiny, generational blessings and purpose.

The idea of a signature sound says this. When you get into your divine purpose that is the thing that you were created to do, you are not innovating something. You aren’t originating something. You are discovering that which was already scripted and written for you to enter into.

Signature sound means as your thumbprint is unique in this universe from all other thumbprints, your voice is unique from all other voices. Since the kingdom was created by utterance, the greatest untapped power you’ve got is the power of your signature sound.

Angels hearken the Psalmist David said. King David who reigned over ancient Israel in its golden age, knew in close quarter combat with many occasions where death was stalking him how he evaded death, how he moved past death. Men are dying here, people are dying there. In the midst of the chaos, David eluded the process of death. One of his observations was that if he dwelt in the secret place of the most high, he was abiding under the shadow of the Almighty and a thousand could fall at his side, ten thousand his left, and it didn’t happen to him.
Why? Because he made an abiding place for himself on the inside with the realm on the spirit realm that enabled him in the material world to be able to elude traps and snares and setups and adversaries who were clearly out to destroy him. He says this about the angels. He says that they hearken. They are flames of fire sent forth to minister to the heirs of salvation. Angels are sent forth to minister to the heirs of salvation. The angels he says hearken unto the voice of his word.
Angels interact with the human species based on the utterance that comes out. Which is why the reality of the occult, if you think about it, is that demons do exist.

This whole thing about utterance I actually heard from American’s top coach Tony Robbins and I thought to myself what he’s saying is taken right out of the archives of what belongs to Christ. However a religious spirit dulls the perception of the church of the marvellous, unique nature of the truth it is handling and causes it to categorise it in a way that makes it useless.

Utterance has power because when you speak, you have authority with the signature sound. Your voice is like a key that goes into the vault of the universe and opens up access to the angelic realm that was assigned for the purpose you were created to fulfil. Imagine it’s a complex idea, but you were not created by accident. You were brought here by design and by time. You already ran the gamut of numerous factors in order to show up and survive.



Effective Partnership

It is impossible to achieve uncommon success without effectively partnering. There is no such thing as a self-made man, every impossible dream ever achieved has come through partnering. We need to leverage others people time, energy, Skill, access and money because there is simply not enough time to do everything well and in order to build long term wealth and success we need effective partnership.
An entrepreneur looking to grow their business will constantly find new individuals and organisations to help carry their vision forward. They will find a core team as soon as possible, and they partner with investors for his or her capital, they will create joint ventures with vendors and form alliances with other well-known brands to make themselves stand out.
Effective partnering raises the level of success exponentially, accelerates success swiftly, and reduces risk immensely.
Partnering involves some essential components:
Step 1: Think of a big objective for your own business or organization.
Step 2: Write down what’s really missing out of your organization.
It may as easily be a team, brand credibility, experience… anything you lack, although it may be cash. For this example, let’s say it’s a team, and reverse engineer the right people in your team.
Probably a lack of leads causes having less money. If you’d an extra 50 quality inbound leads a month coming through, that may solve your cash issue.
Step 3: Acknowledge that someone has an excess of what you need and identify the right type of partner needed for the given situation, afterward you need to identify the right person within that partner group to form the alliance.
For this example if you have a low cost product, recognize that someone has already built a relationship with thousands of people that are your ideal target audience and someone possesses that database at the moment, now!
Someone already has free products which they would happily add to your product range simply for the exposure and someone is looking for a worthy business or products to support and has a brand that is great.
Step 4: Outline what’s in it for them.
Before reaching out to propose a possible alliance, find out what are the issues or pain they’ve got which you will really help them solve? Perhaps they want leads that are new also, which means you could do a cross-promotion.
Partnerships usually are not a zero-sum game: if I send you a customer, and you send me a customer, we both end up with two customers but If I give you a pound, and you give me a pound, we both have a pound.

Step 5: Pitch them, recruiting the right person with the right kind of offer.
This can be really where you get to multiply time and rapidly attain extraordinary results by working with other People of Influence – but you need an excellent pitch.
It’s rewarding learning the building block of pitching. How you present a deal has a huge effect on the way it’s received. The wording you utilize, the materials you bring the assembly location and the way you follow up all impact the quality of the partnerships you form.
Step 6: Effectively utilizing the partner for optimal results, when any of these components are absent, partnering becomes far less effective and potentially disastrous. From history no one has ever achieved extraordinary success without effective partnering.

Holy Wow

The longer I live the more I discover how little I know, the bible states that the mercies of God reaches the Heavens, that means we cannot reach the end of His Mercy. Some of us see Him as an angry God, no such thing, He is a loving Father. Nothing can separate us from the love of God.

And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.  No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8: 38-39

This deserves a Holy Wow.
The most precious thing in the eyes of God is a human life, a soul, we are more priceless than all of creation. We are beyond expensive, more expensive that the angels. We are priceless. My soul to God is worth more than all the wealth in the world and everything in Heaven and everything in all the galaxies and beyond. I am super “dupa-dupa” expensive that is why He sent His son to die for me.


Everything we say and do does not happens in a random vacuum, because we think before we speak.
Thoughts are real – they occupy mental real estate. Every thought has a “heart” – the intention of that thought. God looks at this ‘heart’ (Jeremiah 17:10) to give to each man according to his ways and according the results of his deeds.
Essentially it is naive for us to think that any thought we accommodate is harmless.
No thought is harmless, to elaborate a bit, you can’t have a negative thought about someone and smile at them sweetly and think you real thoughts are not going to be transmitted.
” And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.” Genesis 11:6
The science of this scripture is that as we are thinking we are physically building substance, and whatever is substance in your brain you will act upon, so if you watch someone eat your favourite meal, and you were hungry, the same areas in your brain will light up as the person eating the meal.
God has designed us to be entangled in each others life, what it means is that you thought are impacting you Spirit,Soul and body, the people in your immediate environment and also of  people that are 10000 miles away, if their is a toxic thought of bitterness or unforgiveness imbedded in your mind against someone 10000 miles away, you are impacting your life and theirs no matter how far away they are , there is no limitation of Space time in the thought dimension. Quantum physics actually explain this in terms of the theory of entanglement which means we are all connected to each

Quantum physics actually explain this in terms of the theory of entanglement which means we are all connected to each others lives. So we feel each others emotions. You can’t hide an attitude because of the design of the brain.  God has designed us with mirror neuros in our brain, only God and you know your thought.
When you are around some who is negative, it makes you feel horrible, when you are around someone that is joyful you feel great because our attitude rub off on each other, no thought is harmless. Every thought you build generates electron magnetic energy and produces a state of mind, and it is part of non-verbal communication, because the attitude comes through. We have all sort of structures in our brain that help us reflect each others emotions, for example the vagus nerve,insula and mirror nerve cells of our brain helps us to play, cry, work ..together.
Every single cell in our body is impacted by a negative thought, no thought is harmless, no attitude is hidden, the thought will come out even when not spoken. Aggressive thoughts about others reduces the healing property of the body considerablely.
Finally it is important we are aware that stuff does pass through the generations, the decision that your great great grand parents made are in your head. When we are not using our minds (intellect, will and emotions) to listen to what the Holy Spirit lays down in the depths of our spirit, then we will be listening to the lies of the enemy . Whatever we listen to, we will think about and whatever we think about grows into a physical thought with its’ ‘heart’ being reflected as our attitude. People pick up on our attitudes – the intent of the thought – not the detail of the thought. The brain is designed with various structures that facilitate this to happen….reflecting our ‘hearts’ is how God designed us.


Mindset Paradigms

To elaborate on mindset paradigms, I will classify the human mindset into three broad categories namely: God, Greek, Barbarian.
A barbarian mindset sees the world like this “I am the oppressor, they are the oppressed”. The barbarian mindset is anchored on “If you fill people with fear, you can control them, to a barbarian mindset force is supreme, power comes by creating fear. A barbarian mindset individual thinks that to get ahead in life you have to oppress more people and win by intimidation. Most of the world before Christ Jesus had a barbarian mindset. Groups like the Taliban, ISIS & Hamas are built on a barbarian mindset!
“If you are controlled by FEAR… if you are always thinking about what bad may happen… If you let your fears limit what you do! that’s a Barbarian Mindset also!”

The ancient Greek gave us a “NEW” mindset. Greeks worshiped MAN. They created their goods in the form of man! Their approach was “We have the power to fix it, we can make the world a UTOPIA if we all work together. The operating principle of the Greek mindset is PRIDE, that pride operates through human reason and intellect. What we understand we can control. To a Greek mindset, human mind and reason are supreme. Power comes through knowledge and it can’t accept what it doesn’t UNDERSTAND. This mindset believes that to get ahead in life all you need is more of the right education and human partnerships. A Greek mindset is much more pleasant to live under than a barbarian mindset. Rome began as barbarian, but changed to Greek! In the dark ages, Europe fell back into a barbarian mindset! the result was a “Feudal System”. The dark ages ended at the renaissance, Europe again embraced Greek mindset! “Western Civilization” is built on Greek Mindset!

God mindset is a biblical mindset. The operating principle of God’s mindset is not FEAR or PRIDE but FAITH. Faith works through Love. It is coming to know the living God and learning to walk by faith in Him. To the God mindset set, power comes from knowing God. This approach seems foolish to the world! Under this mindset, you still get educated and have your human partnerships, but you also learn to walk in God’s Favour to get ahead.
If you think you can get where you want to through your own intellect and human networks alone, then you have a Greek mindset and paradigm. I believe that to be a super achiever, there will be times in days ahead when your mind and networks will not know the way! The only way to move forward will be to “know” by the Great Holy Spirit! The Spirit will lead you if you have developed your five senses to capture His thoughts.

Think Like Heaven

The earth gets it sustenance from Heaven. Knowing what heaven is thinking and aligning to it will open the door to abundance. Heaven is able to replicate itself on earth through men that lead from the future.
Awareness is required, in understanding that heaven is speaking to earth.
Thinking like heaven starts with thinking about Heaven, thinking about the throne room of God, Heaven is God’s throne. God wants to interact with us from Heaven to earth.
A study done shows that 50% of our awakening hours are spent day dreaming. In the middle of the day dream are destiny dreams, If we become aware that when we are day dreaming, that Heaven is also speaking, then we can access heavens thoughts.
In practical terms it is also important to be aware that whenever we properly captured a thought, we play out the thought to the end in our mind. For example instead of thinking I hope this flight does not crash, we should think of the best expected ending, and not give room to worry, worry is using our imagination in a negative way. My paradigm is based on Hope. The word Hope in the bible means a joyful expectation of good. Hope allows us to see the unseen, when we can see from God perspective of what is around us, we actually have hope. Hope creates a picture of what God wants to do.
Hope is also the ability to see the unseen realm. It does not take a special gift, but it takes a perspective shift, to where you are already seated with Christ in Heavenly places. Thinking from the place you live in Christ. One thought from Heaven can change everything for you, if it is followed through.
I have had several God thoughts that I known was not mine and sometimes, it happens in the most unexpected places.
One thought from God can give us an idea to reach a new market and to reach people in our region or cultures we never thought possible.
It is important we all get thought from God. Become aware of heavenly thoughts that are already coming to you. so you can capture them and will be able to act on them.
When we hear God clearly, then we can see our circumstance around us differently. When we entertain a thought long enough it becomes an action, actions eventually became a habit. The habit will sow into our character and what is in our character will sow into our destiny.
When we hear from God everything changes in our life. God’s thought also carries His power to cause us to be transformed.
Everyone is created to hear God’s voice and to speak what God speaks.



The valuation of a business is a mathematical equation.

Valuation = Profit X Multiple

Most people are trained to understand how to calculate the profit in a firm but few understand how to get a value for the multiplier. In all the business plan I have had to review I have not found a section dedicated for the multiplier.

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My understanding is that business is not just about profit. It is about nobility, honor, influence, goodness, service and power. It is about changing communities and creating a Godly realm of exchange.
I do a lot of research and found out that a lot of business failures at the inception stage is due to the entrepreneur biting off more than they can chew and not understanding the “one thing” of their business, consequently it is much better to fail small and start again than to fail big. It is key that the entrepreneur develops the required level of authority and expertise in the market realm of focus before stepping into it. Without the skill and proven authority, it is equally difficult to build external credibility.
The entrepreneur that wants to grow properly need to be faithful in the little, learn the lessons, believe for the next expansion, make wise decisions and take wisdom and strength along the journey.
The seed for the next level is already there it only needs to be discovered. Every entrepreneur has the seed for greatness.