Think Like Heaven

The earth gets it sustenance from Heaven. Knowing what heaven is thinking and aligning to it will open the door to abundance. Heaven is able to replicate itself on earth through men that lead from the future.
Awareness is required, in understanding that heaven is speaking to earth.
Thinking like heaven starts with thinking about Heaven, thinking about the throne room of God, Heaven is God’s throne. God wants to interact with us from Heaven to earth.
A study done shows that 50% of our awakening hours are spent day dreaming. In the middle of the day dream are destiny dreams, If we become aware that when we are day dreaming, that Heaven is also speaking, then we can access heavens thoughts.
In practical terms it is also important to be aware that whenever we properly captured a thought, we play out the thought to the end in our mind. For example instead of thinking I hope this flight does not crash, we should think of the best expected ending, and not give room to worry, worry is using our imagination in a negative way. My paradigm is based on Hope. The word Hope in the bible means a joyful expectation of good. Hope allows us to see the unseen, when we can see from God perspective of what is around us, we actually have hope. Hope creates a picture of what God wants to do.
Hope is also the ability to see the unseen realm. It does not take a special gift, but it takes a perspective shift, to where you are already seated with Christ in Heavenly places. Thinking from the place you live in Christ. One thought from Heaven can change everything for you, if it is followed through.
I have had several God thoughts that I known was not mine and sometimes, it happens in the most unexpected places.
One thought from God can give us an idea to reach a new market and to reach people in our region or cultures we never thought possible.
It is important we all get thought from God. Become aware of heavenly thoughts that are already coming to you. so you can capture them and will be able to act on them.
When we hear God clearly, then we can see our circumstance around us differently. When we entertain a thought long enough it becomes an action, actions eventually became a habit. The habit will sow into our character and what is in our character will sow into our destiny.
When we hear from God everything changes in our life. God’s thought also carries His power to cause us to be transformed.
Everyone is created to hear God’s voice and to speak what God speaks.