We live in a voice activated universe. The key is the sound of your voice, this is when your voice is speaking what God anointed you to say in prayer, prophecy, proclamation, petition, your unique selling proposition etc, your authorize God’s army ( angels, chariots, horses,…) to go in and open the doors of your destiny, generational blessings and purpose.

The idea of a signature sound says this. When you get into your divine purpose that is the thing that you were created to do, you are not innovating something. You aren’t originating something. You are discovering that which was already scripted and written for you to enter into.

Signature sound means as your thumbprint is unique in this universe from all other thumbprints, your voice is unique from all other voices. Since the kingdom was created by utterance, the greatest untapped power you’ve got is the power of your signature sound.

Angels hearken the Psalmist David said. King David who reigned over ancient Israel in its golden age, knew in close quarter combat with many occasions where death was stalking him how he evaded death, how he moved past death. Men are dying here, people are dying there. In the midst of the chaos, David eluded the process of death. One of his observations was that if he dwelt in the secret place of the most high, he was abiding under the shadow of the Almighty and a thousand could fall at his side, ten thousand his left, and it didn’t happen to him.
Why? Because he made an abiding place for himself on the inside with the realm on the spirit realm that enabled him in the material world to be able to elude traps and snares and setups and adversaries who were clearly out to destroy him. He says this about the angels. He says that they hearken. They are flames of fire sent forth to minister to the heirs of salvation. Angels are sent forth to minister to the heirs of salvation. The angels he says hearken unto the voice of his word.
Angels interact with the human species based on the utterance that comes out. Which is why the reality of the occult, if you think about it, is that demons do exist.

This whole thing about utterance I actually heard from American’s top coach Tony Robbins and I thought to myself what he’s saying is taken right out of the archives of what belongs to Christ. However a religious spirit dulls the perception of the church of the marvellous, unique nature of the truth it is handling and causes it to categorise it in a way that makes it useless.

Utterance has power because when you speak, you have authority with the signature sound. Your voice is like a key that goes into the vault of the universe and opens up access to the angelic realm that was assigned for the purpose you were created to fulfil. Imagine it’s a complex idea, but you were not created by accident. You were brought here by design and by time. You already ran the gamut of numerous factors in order to show up and survive.