Effective Partnership

It is impossible to achieve uncommon success without effectively partnering. There is no such thing as a self-made man, every impossible dream ever achieved has come through partnering. We need to leverage others people time, energy, Skill, access and money because there is simply not enough time to do everything well and in order to build long term wealth and success we need effective partnership.
An entrepreneur looking to grow their business will constantly find new individuals and organisations to help carry their vision forward. They will find a core team as soon as possible, and they partner with investors for his or her capital, they will create joint ventures with vendors and form alliances with other well-known brands to make themselves stand out.
Effective partnering raises the level of success exponentially, accelerates success swiftly, and reduces risk immensely.
Partnering involves some essential components:
Step 1: Think of a big objective for your own business or organization.
Step 2: Write down what’s really missing out of your organization.
It may as easily be a team, brand credibility, experience… anything you lack, although it may be cash. For this example, let’s say it’s a team, and reverse engineer the right people in your team.
Probably a lack of leads causes having less money. If you’d an extra 50 quality inbound leads a month coming through, that may solve your cash issue.
Step 3: Acknowledge that someone has an excess of what you need and identify the right type of partner needed for the given situation, afterward you need to identify the right person within that partner group to form the alliance.
For this example if you have a low cost product, recognize that someone has already built a relationship with thousands of people that are your ideal target audience and someone possesses that database at the moment, now!
Someone already has free products which they would happily add to your product range simply for the exposure and someone is looking for a worthy business or products to support and has a brand that is great.
Step 4: Outline what’s in it for them.
Before reaching out to propose a possible alliance, find out what are the issues or pain they’ve got which you will really help them solve? Perhaps they want leads that are new also, which means you could do a cross-promotion.
Partnerships usually are not a zero-sum game: if I send you a customer, and you send me a customer, we both end up with two customers but If I give you a pound, and you give me a pound, we both have a pound.

Step 5: Pitch them, recruiting the right person with the right kind of offer.
This can be really where you get to multiply time and rapidly attain extraordinary results by working with other People of Influence – but you need an excellent pitch.
It’s rewarding learning the building block of pitching. How you present a deal has a huge effect on the way it’s received. The wording you utilize, the materials you bring the assembly location and the way you follow up all impact the quality of the partnerships you form.
Step 6: Effectively utilizing the partner for optimal results, when any of these components are absent, partnering becomes far less effective and potentially disastrous. From history no one has ever achieved extraordinary success without effective partnering.